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Group Lessons

Typically we schedule three group sessions during the summer.  We know that some kids do better with someone other than their parents so this is a great time to get your kids started.  Lessons are also good for those swimmers that need some extra help.  Please let your instructor know any of your concerns or thoughts regarding your child.


We are a family pool that wants to provide a valuable service at a reasonable cost. With the uncertainty of summer weather, we will do our best to reschedule missed classes, but cannot guarantee a full set of classes. Make ups will be announced as early as possible.

For some, group lessons may not be the best, so private lessons may be needed.



Private Lessons

Do you need some one-on-one lessons for your child?  Talk to one of our instructors to schedule a class, or classes, for your child.  Instructor information will be on the bath house bulletin board.


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