Group Lessons

HCRA 2019 Swim Lesson Schedule

                               Mondays - Thursdays


               Session 1   June 17 - June 27   

               Session 2   July 8 - July 18  

               Session 3   July 22 - Aug. 1  


                          MORNING                     EVENING

Level 1             9:15 -10:00am                5:45-6:30pm

Level 2             10:15 -11:00am              6:45-7:30pm

Level 3             9:15 - 10:00am               5:45-6:30pm   

Level 4             10:15 -11:00am              6:45-7:30pm


Cost:  $55 per Morning session, due on the first day of class

          $45 per Evening session, due on the first day of class

***Evenings are less due to scheduling issues with Swim Meets,

     and other scheduling conflicts. Make up classes will be

     scheduled on an as needed basis.


Schedule is subject to change due to weather, etc.  Please check Facebook first or you can call the office at 270-4892.


Questions?  Contact David at


Swim Level Descriptions


Level 1 and 2 are located in the shallow area of the “Z” pool


Level 1 – Must be potty trained and able to follow teacher instruction.  Gets face wet, blows bubbles, pushes from side, kickboard skills, float on back with assistance, jumps to teacher from side, general comfort in the water


Level 2 – Must be comfortable going under water & able to do all Level 1 skills.  Independent kickboard skills, progressive kicking skills, backstroke, deep water jumps, retrieve underwater objects

(3 ft.), swim width of pool





Level 3 and 4 are located in the main pool area



Level 3 – Must be able to do all Level 2 skills.  Pushes off streamline, backstroke competence, freestyle, retrieve underwater objects from bottom, introduce breaststroke, introduce diving, safety skills, swim pool length


Level 4 – Must be able to do all Level 3 skills.  Freestyle drills (25 yds), backstroke drills (25 yds), diving competence, introduce flip turn, breaststroke competence (legal kick & touch), introduce butterfly, safety skills



Classes are held Monday - Thursday.  Make up days are based on various criteria and we will do our best in rescheduling.
For the latest updates on pool closing due to inclement weather, please go to our Facebook page: 
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